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Ahmed Deedat

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"And most certainly, thou (O Muhammad) are of most sublime and exalted character." (The Holy Qur’ân, 68:4)How the Topic AroseAbout ten years ago, a distant cousin of mine - Mr. Mohamed Mehtar Farooki gave me a typed quotation by the French historian, Lamartine. The quotation [A detailed exposition of the quotation will be found on page 38] purported to prove that Muhammad (pbuh), the prophet of Islam, was the greatest man that ever lived. Mr. Mehtar was in the habit of passing information on to me, believing that I might put the same to some good use at the proper time and place. Before this he had presented me with "The Call of the Minaret," an expensive book written by (Bishop Kenneth Cragg). By analysing this book I discovered the masterful deceit of the Christian Orientalists. Lamartine's tribute to our prophet inspired me and I had a great desire to share his thoughts about our Nabee with my Muslim brethren. The opportunity to do so was not long in coming.I received a phone call from the Muslim community in Dannhauser, a small town in Northern Natal,, who were organising a birthday celebration of the Holy Prophet. They invited me to give a lecture on that auspicious occasion. So I deemed it an honour and a privilege, I readily agreed. When they inquired, in view of their advertising needs, as to the subject of my lecture, I suggested on the inspiration from Lamartine, "Muhammad (pbuh) the Greatest."

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